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It's been quite a while since we've updated, but 2011, here we come!

Westegaard Park had a rather rocky 2010/2011 season, only being able to actually enter 2 classes out of the whole end 2010 season. Barney had a rather large belly full of hard feed and green grass and not enough work, resulting in a bit of a worked up horse! Better luck this year.

After trying a few unofficial comps and dressage training days, we've decided to try Barney in both dressage and showing this season to see how he goes! He'll be entered in Novice dressage comps and all of the local shows, we'll be missing Summer Royal this year however.

Sale Showjumping Club World Cup was an amazing success! Many riders from around the country attending, and a very large turnout of local riders! The club did an amazing job with organisation and set up, and Thank you to the members who gave a helping hand so those who do most of the work usually can have a bit of a break. Fashions on the field was a big hit, despite the weather, I think I'll definately be entering again next year!

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